Displate Birthday Challenge: Meet the Winners!

These artworks are sweeter than all the cakes we’ve ever had.  Recently, we invited artists to join a special challenge and celebrate Displate’s 9th birthday with a creative bang. The rules were simple: submit at least one new artwork to your Displate shop and enter a chance to win a sweet cash prize. The time has come for our special […]

“Southern Fiction” by Photographer Tema Stauffer

In her upcoming photobook, “Southern Fiction” (Daylight Books, Fall 2022), Asheville, North Carolina-based photographer Tema Stauffer explores the history of the American South using its literary tradition as a road map. Made over the course of several road trips taken between 2018 and 2021, Stauffer’s large-format photographs focus on environments which have shaped the imaginations of 20th-century Southern writers during […]

BSA Film Friday: 06.24.22

June 24, 2022 Artists, BSA Film Friday Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening:1. Chile Estyle, from Pablo Aravena2. ARCHIFONT 3. Tartu Street Art Comes to Berlin – Hello Mister Police Officer | FWTV The evolution of a graffiti/street art movement is not unilateral in its formative influences nor its […]

On the spot: Savenart

The art of canadian jewelry designer and illustrator Saven art is a true treasure for all craving cute things. Calling herself a dreamy soul creating art, she puts magic into ordinary objects of our everyday reality. Japanese snacks, fluffy bunnies and magic potions, her works have all that we need in life.  Continue reading and discover the artist behind her […]

Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada “Wishing For Wings” in Catalonia

Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada has been looking for ways to draw all of his practices into one; his land-art works, sculptures and paintings. Here in Penelles, Lleida, Spain his new mural appears to combine the three directions into one flowing portrait full of lines in movement. Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada. “Wishing for Wings”. Gargar Mural and Rural Art Festival. Penelles, Spain. (photo courtesy of […]

Artist Spotlight: Ornella Pocetti

A selection of recent work by artist Ornella Pocetti. Born in Buenos Aires, Pocetti studied at the National University of the Arts in Argentina, and has since attended various workshops and artist programs. Her work can be found in museums, galleries, and on book covers and movie posters. She currently works in Argentina, managing Paz Soldán Art Studio, where she […]

“A bloom in the eye of the storm” by Guillaume Tomasi

In his most recent series, “A bloom in the eye of the storm,” Montreal-based photographer Guillaume Tomasi (previously featured here) grapples with the impending repercussions of climate change through the eyes of a father. Navigating our contemporary reality as a parent to young children, Tomasi wonders: “How do we grow up in a society that constantly reminds us that our […]

PARKWAY Artist Interview: Laura Bifano

How has living here in BC inspired you? Living in BC has inspired me a huuuuge amount! BC is where I grew up, but I didn’t fully appreciate it until I left for the prairies to go to college and then moved back. We’re so lucky here to have as much access to nature as we do. Vancouver is where […]

“Border Lord” by Photographer Matthew Reamer

Photographer and Director Matthew Reamer’s “Border Lord” is an ongoing observation of life in California’s Imperial County – a swath of irrigated desert in the state’s Southeast, flanked to the North by the environmental catastrophe that is the Salton Sea, and to the South by the towering new US/Mexico border wall. The project began as a short term assignment in […]